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Your Reliable Electrician is Albuquerque area's highly trusted expert Electrician. We provide services for residential Electric service and repair, gladly helping the entire Albuquerque area. Our company constantly make every effort to meet your needs and go beyond your expectations, no matter if your project is big or modest!


electrician repair servicesOur list of pleased individuals continues to increase every single day. Homeowners have the trust in knowing that Your Reliable Electrician lives up to it's name with quick, friendly service each time. We listen to patron feedback and know that our service is making a difference.

Our company take significant strides to make sure that every patron is truly pleased with the experience they have with our business before, during, and after their Electric repair or service. We are not happy with the final project until our customers are delighted. Contact us for more info with regards to our satisfaction guarantee

Acquiring the electrical repair assistance you want is easy with Your Reliable Electrician! It gives us great satisfaction to hear what Albuquerque and neighboring area consumers are sharing about Your Reliable Electrician, who they are calling their Albuquerque Electrician and Albuquerque Electrician!



Not only are our expert Electrical experts proficient & professionally educated, but we set client support as our leading goal. Dealing with issues with the electricity in your home, we can help! Grab the telephone and call us. If you're having issues, require electrical repair services or an upgrade, our experts are just a phone call away!


When it concerns protecting your residence, you require an Electrician that knows what to look out for! Our experts are serious pertaining to safety, so all our professional electricians are taught to look out for safety problems and talk about their discoveries with you. Our electricians seek out safety troubles in the following:

  • Breaker box (electrical panel)
  • Breakers
  • GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)
  • Surge protectors
  • Electric meter
  • Proper grounding
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Home security (if installed)

At Your Reliable Electrician, we invest 1000's of hrs educating our Electricians to become Home Safety Specialists. We stay up to date on the current electrical home safety documents. We do all this just to supply you with the most suitable Electric service available - and to likewise make your property is a safer place for you and your family.



If you have a power malfunction in sections of your home or the whole house, don't worry! Most of the time the problem appears more severe than it is. However, it could be a indication of something more severe so you do not want to wait to phone a certified electrician.

Our specialists are trained to find your problem efficiently & properly, and will service your problem as quickly as possible. Our expert electricians deal with these kinds of issues on a daily basis. A seemingly significant problem for the homeowner can oftentimes be a quick, easy to identify, low cost fix for a licensed electrician.

Each of our repair professionals have been extensively trained to inform you, and present any/all options available to you. With the proper troubleshooting, plus all the facts available to you, you'll be in the best position to decide on the work that will be performed.



Our lighting solutions are excellent!... We install and fix all styles of lights for interior and outdoor use.

Improving the design of your residence can be achieved by simply updating the light fixtures your house. Updating light fixtures not only brighten up your house, but they can bring a new element of style and make your residence more practical at the same time. Our expert electricians can help you with the lighting choices available based on the final result you're pursuing.

Depending on the age and style of your home, it may be lacking in a sufficient amount of lighting. This can eventually become a problem when doing activities like writing, reading or cooking. Unsatisfactory lighting can even make your property feel less inviting to friends and family. Whenever you put in brand new lighting fixtures, you'll have the option to build a unique style and upgrade the functionality and style of your house. Your house becomes safer and more welcoming when you upgrade your lighting fixtures, not to mention how it will make specific activities simpler.

  • Garden Lighting
  • Backyard Light fittings
  • Motion Sensor Lights
  • Can Lights
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • Track Lights
  • Ceiling Fan Lighting fixtures
  • Chandeliers
  • Under Cabinet Lighting fixtures
  • And All Types of Lighting Fixtures



The panel has a bunch of diverse aliases: breaker box, electrical box, electric power board, breaker board, service box... All which define the same thing. We refer to it as the "panel".

electrical box repairThe panel is typically located in the garage or outside the home for newer properties, while it is most likely found in a closet or basement for older houses. In more recent homes it's in all likelihood in your garage area or outside, in older houses it may reside in a closet or room. Regardless of the panel location, it ought to always be quickly accessible with 3 feet of clearance around it. You really should figure out where exactly your panel is, and figure out how to operate it in the event of an urgent situation.

Your panel is the control device for the electrical power going into your residence from the utility company. To be more accurate, each circuit has a breaker and it controls the amount of electric current or amps to that line. Therefore if you have a complication with a certain line, as an example a circuit overload, the breaker will trip and prevent any energy from passing through that circuit. The breaker can be turned on again, when the issue has been cleared up.

The panel in your home may be viewed as the heart of your electrical system. A quality panel, installed correctly can protect your house from damages and hazards. In the event that you have questions about the age of your panel, contact us and we 'd be happy to talk about it with you.

Some repairs are hazardous and need to be handled promptly, others may not be crucial and can wait awhile, while others may be a future project to ponder on. Our electricians will inspect at your power system and inform you about any safety problems. At times our finding uncover that a considerable amount of work will need to be done, while other times we find that your electrical system is in excellent condition. Our electricians make certain that you know the shape of your electric system before we leave.


  • Age of your panel is over 15 years (if you don't know the age of the panel, What is the residences age?).
  • Breakers have been upgraded with varied manufacturers ( Look out for a variety of colors and manufacturer labels).
  • Rust is visible anyplace on the panel.
  • Oxidation may be discovered on the breakers or the panel cover



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