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Bellevue area home owners know that our team are one of the most trusted electricians in town. Residential electrical repairs is our area of specialization as we enthusiastically provide top services across the Bellevue area. our company more than happy to help regardless of the project size as our goal is to satisfy the needs of our customers while exceeding their expectations!

We're thrilled to have served so many homeowners across the Bellevue area.

electrician repair servicesThe quantity of thrilled individuals calling Your Reliable Electrician their "Bellevue Electrician" is quickly growing each day. Homeowners have the trust in knowing that Your Reliable Electrician lives up to it's name with fast, courteous service each time. We take the time to pay attention to our homeowner's remarks to perfect our service every day.

Our people take great strides to make sure that each and every customer is thoroughly pleased with the experience they have with us before, throughout, and following their Electric repair or service. We are not satisfied with the final project until our patrons are happy. Contact us for even more information with regards to our satisfaction guarantee

Obtaining the electical repair help you need is quick and easy with Your Reliable Electrician! Our operators are available to answer your inquiries and set up an consultation with one of our licensed electricians!



As you can see we make customer service one of our top goals together with keeping our electricians properly trained. Having problems with the electricity in your home, we can help! Pick up the phone and give us a ring. If you're having problems, require electrical repair services or an upgrade, we are just a telephone call away!


Getting a qualified professional electrician with the correct training and knowlege is very important for total home safety! Our experts are serious regarding safety, so all our expert electricians are trained to look out for safety issues and talk about their discoveries with you. We evaluate the following:

  • Breakers
  • Electrical panel
  • Surge protectors & GFCIs
  • Grounding
  • Electric meter
  • Smoke detectors
  • Home security
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

Our electricians go through 1000s of hrs in instruction to become safety pros. We stay up to date on the most up to date electric home safety documents. We do all this so as to supply you with the very best Electric service offered - and to likewise make your home is a safer place for you and your family.



If you have electricity out in your whole home or just portion of your home, RELAX! Often times we discover that the issue is small and just seems more severe than it truly is. However, electricity is hazardous and an outage can be a sign of something more severe so you need to consult with a certified electrician right away.

As a result of the substantial education our electricians undertake we can locate and solve the issue quickly and safely. Our professional electricians fix these kinds of electrical problems everyday. What seems like a "big" issue to a homeowner, could be an simple and occasionally cost effective solution for a licensed and experienced electrician.

Each of our service technicians have been completely instructed to inform you, and offer any/all options available to you. With the proper troubleshooting, plus all the facts available to you, you'll find yourself in the most ideal position to figure out the service that will be completed.



Our lighting solutions are excellent!... We install and service all varieties of lights for indoor and exterior application.

Improving the look of your home can be attained by merely updating the light fixtures your house. All-new lighting fixtures can introduce a new appearance and functionality but it can also brighten your residence. We can help you identify the best types of lights for the functionality and atmosphere you are wanting to attain.

Your house may be needing ample lighting as a result of the age and design of your residential property. You may observe it most when your carrying out something as basic as reading through a recipe book or writing a correspondence. A home with substandard lighting can even seem less welcoming. When you renovate your home's lighting with updated fixtures, you can fashion a personalized look while bolstering the performance and appeal of your home. Your house ends up being more safe and more appealing when you modernize your lighting fixtures, not to mention the way in which it will make certain projects less troublesome.

  • Can Lights
  • Track Lights
  • Fluorescent Light fittings
  • Outdoor Lights
  • Garden Lighting
  • Motion Sensor Lighting fixtures
  • Ceiling Fan Lights
  • Under Cabinet Lights
  • Chandeliers
  • Any Other Style of Lighting Furnishings



You may know your panel as one of it's other labels; utility box, breaker box, breaker board, electric power board, service box... etc. All of these names are defining the exact same thing. We, like most electricians, refer to this simply as your "panel".

electrical box repairYour panel, depending on when your residence was constructed, could be in a assortment of different places. In more recent homes it's most probably in your garage or outside, in more mature homes it may be in a closet or room. No matter where it is, we highly recommend that you keep the area conveniently accessible, with no less than 3ft of allowance around it. It is crucial for you to know where it is located and how to operate it in case of an emergency situation.

Your electrical panel is the primary junction in between your residence and the electric company. More precisely, the breakers that are attached to each circuit regulate the quantity of electric power or AMPS. Thus if you have a problem with a certain line, for example a circuit overload, the breaker will trip and stop any electric power from passing through that circuit. Once the problem has been found and fixed, the breaker can be activated again allowing the electricity to pass through that circuit.

The panel is the core of any electric system. A quality panel, installed correctly can protect your house from damage and dangers. If you are uncertain about the condition of your panel, Give us a ring right now and we will be more than delighted to discuss it with you.

In certain cases you'll have repairs that will need to be attended to right away, in some cases they aren't as crucial and can delay a while, and others may be long term projects to ponder on. Our well-trained electricians will look carefully at your electrical system and provide you with our analysis and the safety of your system. At times we find a house's electrical system needs a great deal of service while other times our conclusions reveal that the electrical system is in superb condition. Our electricians make sure that you know the condition of your electrical system before we leave.


  • Age of your panel is greater than 15 years (if you do not know the age of the panel, What is the homes age?).
  • Breakers have been upgraded with varied manufacturers ( Look out for a variety of colors and manufacturer labels).
  • Rust is visible anywhere on the panel.
  • Oxidation can be discovered on the breakers or the panel cover


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