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Des Moines area residents understand that our company are one of the most trusted electricians in town. We offer residential repair services and want to help homeowners throughout the Des Moines area. We always aim to satisfy your needs and surpass your expectations, regardless if your project is big or modest!

electrician repair servicesWe're thrilled to have served countless patrons throughout the Des Moines area.

The number of satisfied customers contacting Your Reliable Electrician their "Des Moines Electrician" is rapidly expanding daily. Patrons have the trust in knowing that Your Reliable Electrician measures up to it's name with fast, friendly service every single time. We know it makes an impression given that Your Reliable Electrician clients have voted us # 1 in a lot of the Des Moines's local area publications.

We take considerable strides to make sure that every client is completely satisfied with the experience they have with our company before, during, and after their Electric repair or service. It's so essential to us that we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We're not satisfied until our clients call us their preferred Des Moines Electrician

Our team make the Electric repair process altogether simple for every of our customers, and they love it! we are standing by to respond to your concerns and help you arrange for any electrical repair services and upgrades you may require!



As you can see we make customer service one of our number one goals along with keeping our electricians appropriately educated. Dealing with electricity issues, our team can help! Pick up the telephone and give us a ring. If you're having issues, need electrical repair services or an upgrade, we are just a call away!


Electrical repair services ought to be handled by the specialists and our company know what to look out for! Our licensed electricians have been trained to be on the look out for any likely safety dangers and share each issue with you. Our electricians search for safety issues in the following:

  • Breakers
  • Electric panel
  • Surge protectors & GFCIs
  • Grounding
  • Electric meter
  • Smoke detectors
  • Home security
  • Carbon monoxide detectors

We invest great numbers of hrs in safety education for our electricians. We keep up to date on the most up to date electrical home safety documentations. We do all this just to offer you with the very best Electric services available - and to likewise make your house is a safer place for you and your family.



If you have electricity out in your whole residence or just portion of your house, RELAX! Many times we find that the trouble is minor and just feels worse than it really is. On the other hand, electricity is dangerous and an outage could be a warning of something more serious so you need to telephone a licensed electrician without delay.

Our repair professionals have the finest education and can locate and resolve your issue rapidly. We handle all sorts of power problems each day. On the surface for a property owner the problem may appear to be big, but might be a quick and sometimes low cost repair job for a licensed electrician.

Each one of our service technicians have been completely instructed to educate you, and offer any/all options available to you. With some expert advice from the trusted and highly recommended Des Moines electricians at Your Reliable Electrician, you will have the ability to make a well-informed decision on the work that will be completed.



Our lighting solutions are top notch!... We install and repair all sorts of lights for indoor and outdoor application.

Improving the appearance of your house could be attained by basically updating the light fixtures your residence. Upgrading light fixtures not only brighten up your house, but they can introduce a new aspect of design and make your home more practical at the same time. Our experienced electricians can help you with the lighting solutions available based on the end result you're aiming for.

Your residence may be lacking sufficient lighting due to the era and design of your house. This can become a concern when doing projects like writing, reading or cooking. A house with inadequate lighting can likewise seem less inviting. Upgrading your home with new lighting fixtures gives you the possibility to design a customized style while bolstering the homes functionality and beauty. Your residential property ends up being safer and more attractive when you upgrade your lighting fixtures, not to mention how it will make specific tasks less troublesome.

  • Chandeliers
  • Track Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan Lighting
  • Under Cabinetry Lighting fixtures
  • Fluorescent Lighting fixtures
  • Can Light fixtures
  • Yard Lights
  • Outdoor patio Lighting fixtures
  • Motion Sensor Lighting
  • And Many Other Types of Lighting Fixtures



The panel has a number of diverse aliases: breaker box, electrical box, utility board, breaker board, service box... All of which refer to the exact same thing. We refer to it as the "panel".

electrical box repairThe panel is typically located in the garage or outside the house for newer homes, whereas it is most likely located in a storage room or basement for older homes. In newer properties it's most probably in your garage area or outside, in older residences it may reside in a storage room or room. Irrespective of the panel location, it ought to always be easily accessible with 3 feet of clearance around it. You really should identify where exactly your panel is, and know how to operate it in case of an emergency.

Your panel is the control device for the electric power entering your house from the utility company. Each breaker functions as a circuit regulator for the volume of electric current or amps on a specific line. Therefore if you have a complication with a particular line, for example a circuit overload, the breaker will trip and prevent any electric energy from flowing through that circuit. Once the problem is resolved, the breaker may be switched back on the allow electrical power to flow through the circuit again.

The panel is the heart of any power system. A very good panel can defend against serious damage and defend against dangers. In the case that you have inquiries about the age of your panel, contact us and we 'd more than happy to review it with you.

In certain cases you'll have repairs that need to be attended to immediately, in some cases they may not be as crucial and can delay a while, and others may be future jobs to ponder on. Our electrical experts will take a look at your power system and educate you about any safety problems. In certain cases our finding reveal that a lot of work has to be performed, while other times we discover that your electric system is in superb condition. We take pleasure in making sure you know the condition of your electrical system before we leave.


  • Age of your panel is more than 15 years (if you have no idea the age of the panel, What is the residences age?).
  • Breakers have been updated with varied brands (Look for assorted colors and manufacturer labels).
  • Rust shows up anyplace on the panel.
  • Oxidation may be found on the breakers or the panel cover



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