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Your Reliable Electrician is Eden Prairie area's most trusted professional Electrician. Our team offer residential repair services and want to help homeowners throughout the Eden Prairie area. Our experts constantly aim to satisfy your needs and go above and beyond your requirements, whether your work is large or modest!


electrician repair servicesThe quantity of thrilled patrons contacting Your Reliable Electrician their "Eden Prairie Electrician" is rapidly increasing day after day. Our patrons are thrilled with our expertise and knowledge, but also our superior level of customer service and fast response times. We know it makes an impact given that Your Reliable Electrician homeowners have voted us # 1 in a number of the Eden Prairie's local area publications.

Our people take great strides to insure that each and every homeowner is totally satisfied with the experience they have with us before, during, and after their Electric repair or service. It's so important to us that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We're not satisfied till our homeowners call us their preferred Eden Prairie Electrician

Making the electrical repair process effortless for every single homeowner is important! It gives us great satisfaction to hear what Eden Prairie and neighboring area residents are stating about Your Reliable Electrician, who they are calling their Eden Prairie Electrician!



Our electricians are knowledgeable, licensed and accredited but always view customer support as a number one concern. Got an Electrical concern, let us tackle it! Pick up the phone and call us. If you're experiencing problems, require electrical repair services or an upgrade, our company are just a phone call away!


When it involves protecting your residential property, you need to have an Electrician that understands what to look out for! Each one of our licensed Electricians are trained to seek out safety hazards and reveal each issue. We check out at the following for safety issues:

  • Electrical panel (or breaker box)
  • Electric meter
  • Electrical components
  • Electric grounding
  • Electric breakers
  • GFCI's
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Electrical surge protection
  • and even home security

Our electricians go through countless hours in education to become safety experts. We are always looking into the latest in electric home safety. his is vital for us to make sure we offer the very best electrical repair service achievable and make your residence a safer place.



If you have a power malfunction in sections of your residence or the whole house, don't worry! In most cases the trouble isn't as bad as it may seem to be. That being said, it could be a indicator of a more significant problem, so please telephone a trusted and certified electrician right away.

Our technicians have the finest education and can find and fix your problem rapidly. We are familiar with fixing these sorts of electrical problems frequently. On the surface for a homeowner the issue may look to be major, but can be a basic and sometimes low cost repair job for a certified electrician.

Everyone of our service technicians will share their finding with you and present any and all the repair options available for you. With some professional recommendations from the trusted and highly recommended Eden Prairie electricians at Your Reliable Electrician, you will have the ability to make a well-informed decision on the work that will be carried out.



Our lighting services are top notch!... We install and service all types of lights for indoor and outdoor use.

Enhancing the lighting fixtures at home is one of the most efficient details you can do to enhance the appearance of your home. Updating light fixtures not only brighten up your house, but they can bring a new aspect of style and make your residence more functional at the same time. We can help you determine the most ideal styles of lights for the functionality and atmosphere you are wanting to attain.

Depending on the era and style of your residence, it may be lacking in an adequate amount of lighting. You may observe it most when your carrying out something as simple as reading a recipe book or writing a correspondence. A home with too little lighting can also seem less inviting. When you up-date your house's lighting with updated light fixtures, you can create a custom look and feel while maximizing the functionality and beauty of your residence. Sufficient home lighting makes your home more safe and more attractive while simultaneously rendering it more convenient for you to carry out certain tasks that demand attention to detail.

  • Garden Light fittings
  • External Lighting fixtures
  • Motion Sensor Lighting fixtures
  • Can Lights
  • Fluorescent Lights
  • Track Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan Lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Under Cabinetry Lights
  • And All Sorts of Lighting Fixtures



The panel has many diverse aliases: breaker box, power box, electrical board, breaker board, service box... All of which identify the very same thing. We, similar to most electricians, refer to this simply as your "panel".

electrical box repairYour panel, depending on when your residence was constructed, could be in a assortment of different locations. In newer residences it's most likely in your garage or outside, in older residences it may reside in a storage room or room. Your panel needs to always be quick and easy to get access to with at least 3 feet of allowance, irrespective of it's location. In case of an emergency situation, you will certainly need to know where it is and exactly how to operate it.

The panel regulates the electric power originating from the utility company into your home. Each and every breaker functions as a circuit regulator for the amount of electrical energy or amps on a certain line. If a problem develops like an overloaded circuit, the breaker will trip, this protecting against any electrical power passing into that circuit. As soon as the problem has been located and worked out, the breaker may be switched on once again enabling the electric energy to pass through that circuit.

The panel in your home may be viewed as the core of your electric system. Having a really good panel installed, can safeguard the house from dangers and damage. If you have inquiries about the age and quality of your panel, call us and we would more than happy to assist answer your inquiries.

Sometimes you'll have repairs that need to be fixed without delay, in some cases they may not be as urgent and can wait a while, and others may be future tasks to ponder on. Our electrical experts will check out at your power system and educate you about any safety problems. At times we find a house's electrical system needs a lot of service while other times our conclusions reveal that the electric system is in excellent condition. Our electricians make sure that you know the shape of your electrical system before we leave.


  • Your panel is more than 15 years old (If you have no idea your panels age, how old is your home?).
  • Corrosion on the panel or panel cover is visible.
  • Assorted brand names of breakers are installed ( Look for manufacturer labels and various colors).
  • Rust is visible anywhere on the panel


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