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Nashville area home owners know that our company are among the most trusted electricians in town. Our team offer residential repair services and are ready to aid homeowners across the Nashville area. our company more than happy to help regardless of the project size as our goal is to satisfy the requirements of our customers while surpassing their expectations!

electrician repair servicesWe're thrilled to have served so many clients across the Nashville area.

The amount of satisfied patrons calling Your Reliable Electrician their "Nashville Electrician" is rapidly expanding daily. Our customers are thrilled with our experience and practical knowledge, but also our strong level of customer care and fast response times. We take the time to hear our patron's feedback to enhance our services every single day.

With each and every service call we go above and beyond to make sure our homeowners are happy with their entire electrical repair service experience. Our experts are not happy with the finished job until our clients are delighted. Call for even more details with regards to our satisfaction guarantee

Finding the electrical repair support you desire is uncomplicated with Your Reliable Electrician! we are standing by to answer your questions and help you arrange for any electrical repairs and upgrades you may need!



Our electrical contractors are knowledgeable, registered and accredited but always view client service as a leading goal. Coping with electric problems, we can assist! Our experts make the entire thing easy for you! If you're in need of an Electrician, there is nobody better to get in touch with... get in touch with Your Reliable Electrician today!


Electrical repairs should be handled by the professionals and our company know what to look for! Our licensed electricians have been trained to be on the look out for any lurking safety dangers and share every problem with you. Our electricians identify safety issues in the following:

  • Electrical panel (or breaker box)
  • Electric meter
  • Electric components
  • Electric grounding
  • Electric breakers
  • GFCI's
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Electrical surge protection
  • and even home security

Our electricians undertake countless hrs in education to become safety pros. We are consistently investigating the latest in electrical home safety. We do all this in order to provide you with the very best Electric repair available - and to likewise make your property is a safer place for you and your loved ones.



Don't worry if you have a electricity blackout in your house or parts of it! Most of the times the trouble isn't as bad as it may seem. Although, it could be a warning of a more severe problem, so please telephone a trusted and certified electrician without delay.

Our service technicians are trained to look for your problem efficiently & safely, and will certainly fix your problem as swiftly as possible. We are used to repairing these kinds of electrical repair services routinely. On the surface for a house owner the issue may appear to be big, but might be a straightforward and sometimes low cost repair for a licensed electrician.

Since we spend a lot in training our electricians they will put in the time to share their findings and present all the repair service possibilities with you. With some professional recommendations from the trusted and highly recommended Nashville electricians at Your Reliable Electrician, you will be able to make a well-informed choice on the services that will be done.



If you want assist with lighting in your house... We handle all kinds of lighting services from installation and repair service to inside and outside lighting.

Enhancing the look of your house could be achieved by simply updating the light fixtures in your residence. Upgrading lighting fixtures not only brighten up your home, but they can provide a new aspect of style and make your house more practical as well. Our electricians at Your Reliable Electrician demonstrates the positive aspects of upgrading your house's lighting and what we can do for you.

Depending on the design and age of your house, it may have too little lighting. This can eventually become a problem when doing projects for instance, writing, reading or cooking. Too little lighting can likewise make your home feel less welcoming to friends and family. Whenever you install new lighting fixtures, you'll have the potential to make a customized look and upgrade the usefulness and beauty of your home. A sufficient amount of home lighting makes your home more safe and more beautiful while simultaneously rendering it more convenient for you to undertake certain projects that require attention to detail.

  • Chandeliers
  • Track Lighting fixtures
  • Ceiling Fan Lighting fixtures
  • Under Cupboard Lights
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Can Light fixtures
  • Garden Lighting fixtures
  • Exterior Lighting fixtures
  • Motion Sensor Light fittings
  • And Many Other Forms of Lighting Fixtures



The panel in you house has been termed many different things; breaker box, breaker board, service box, breaker box, electric box... Each of these pertain the same thing. We, and most electrical contractors, refer to it as the "panel".

electrical box repairThe panel is usually located in the garage area or outside the house for newer residences, while it is most likely situated in a storage room or basement for older residences. Pinpointing your panel will depend upon the era of the home - newer homes more often than not have the panel in the garage area or outside, while more mature houses have the panel in the basement or a closet. Your panel should always be easy to get access to with at the very least 3 feet of open space, regardless of it's location. It is vital for you to figure out where it is located and how to operate it in case of an emergency situation.

Your panel is the control unit for the power going into your home from the utility company. To be more accurate, every circuit has a breaker and it regulates the quantity of electric energy or amps to that line. Therefore if you have a complication with a particular line, for example a circuit overload, the breaker will trip and stop any energy from passing through that circuit. Once the problem is addressed, the breaker may be switched back on the allow electrical energy to flow through the circuit again.

The panel in your house can be viewed as the heart of your electrical system. Having a good panel installed, can safeguard the home from dangers and damage. If you are uncertain about the state of your panel, Contact us immediately and we will be more than happy to talk about it with you.

Some repairs are hazardous and will need to be dealt with immediately, others may not be urgent and can wait awhile, while others may be a long term project to consider. Our electricians will evaluate at your power system and inform you about any safety matters. Sometimes we find a residence's electrical system needs to have a great deal of service while other times our conclusions reveal that the electric system is in superb condition. Our friendly electrical experts take it upon themselves to make sure that you know the shape of your house's electrical system.


  • It is older than 15 years - if not sure of age of panel, what is the age of your home?
  • There is oxidation viewable any place on the panel or panel cover
  • Multiple different brands of breakers are installed - look for a variety of colors or manufacturer labels
  • Rusting has taken place or is visible anywhere in the panel



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