Upgrade Your Outlets in 2016

Upgrade Your Outlets in 2016


Do you think much about the electric outlets in your home? Odds are, probably not. But did you know that outdated outlets can lead to serious electrical problems, even including property loss and personal harm? The certified master electricians at Your Reliable Electrician come to you today, bringing the things you need to know about the electric outlets in your home!

Aging Outlets: Growing Problems and Potential Concerns It's important to understand that while you may not be seeing it, there are tons of things going on in your walls at all times. And beyond that, technology is always growing (at an alarming rate, in fact!), demanding more and more from your home in the way of electricity, compatibility and staying up to date. Older outlets can create a lot of potential harm, including:

Outlet and wire degradation. Even within five years, outlets and wires can age, becoming more and more susceptible to potential harm. Wires settle over time, and if they begin to make contact in ways they weren't designed to handle, it could spell sparking, arcing and fires! We're not saying that this will happen, but it certainly can, and your wiring should be checked every few years at least.

Outlets can become outdated. Particularly in older homes (even the 90s is considered older where electricity and tech is concerned), your outlets may simply be incapable of providing for your electrical needs. Older outlets may have ungrounded outlets, which are potentially harmful, or may outright be incompatible with your appliances (ungrounded outlets are the 2-prong ones).

Older outlets can't keep up. Outdated outlets have trouble keeping up with the demands of modern technology, which often means they're giving too little, or too much, electricity to your appliances. This can lead to flickering lights and power, and can potentially cause harm to your equipment.

electrical repairUpgrading Your Outlets: Options An outlet upgrade project may seem like an inconvenience, but really it's no trouble at all for a practiced electrician. The process is simple, takes little time, and prevents possible problems (it may even fix a few problems you didn't know you had!). When it comes to upgrading, there are a few options you might consider, depending on your needs. Consider:

Replacing ungrounded outlets with grounded ones. This is primarily for safety. In fact, grounded outlets are required for a building to be in proper code. Additionally, many appliances are incompatible with ungrounded outlets. Installing GFCIs in locations that may need them. GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) add a layer of safety. They are built to cut off a power to an outlet if the circuit becomes compromised, such as exposure to water or overloads. These are a great idea in areas like the kitchen, utility room, and rooms that see a lot of electrical traffic.

Updating your electrical panel. While we're on the subject of an outlet upgrade, consider updating your home's entire electrical system with a panel upgrade. An upgrade ensures future safety, and that your home can keep up with increasing demand over the years. Additionally, it improves the efficiency of electricity in your home! Electric Outlet Upgrades with Your Reliable Electrician in Anaheim.

Thinking it might be time for an outlet upgrade? We think so too! Contact Your Reliable Electrician today for a professional solution for all of your electrical needs. Our certified electricians boast some of the greatest skill and expertise in the industry, and we would be proud to handle your outlet project!

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